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When painting with acrylics scooping up a big glob of colour, (I don’t hold back), and pushing it across your canvas or paper, is a feeling of freedom.

Creating acrylic art is an incredibly satisfying experience. Versatile and sophisticated, these days quality acrylic paint is easy to use, I apply oil painting techniques, the only difference is acrylic paint dries within minutes, whereas oil is great for blending as it takes weeks/months to dry, but saying that, oils still have a creamy consistency that is a pleasure to work with.

The things I love about painting with acrylics are that they are water based, easy to clean brushes etc. and you can produce art quickly and frame within days of finishing. I paint on canvas and heavy duty watercolour paper, sometimes taking canvas off timber and frame the piece to enhance the final result.

The fun to be had with acrylic painting is endless. Try it!!


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